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Vladimir Modylevskii asked 1 month ago

Hi everybody,
I am looking for a solution to make my Linux based pc with 4g connection and connected via usb to ardusimple board to use ntrip and give me back gps coordinates 
so usb connection:
linux-> ublox contains gps corrections 
ublox -> Linux contains precise gps coordinates 
thanks in advance for your advises 🙂

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

gpsd and str2str linux libraries might be a good starting point.

Vladimir Modylevskii replied 1 month ago

Thanks! What do you think about this command?
str2str -in ntrip://:centipede:centipede@caster.centipede.fr:2101/LIENSS -out serial://ttyACM0:115200:8:n:1:off

Does it contain error?

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

Hi Vladimir, unfortunately we don’t provide linux support, thank you for you understanding. Maybe someone from the community wants to comment?

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pigosso answered 1 month ago

U-center also works pretty finely under wine.