No more GPS reception with RTK Calibrated Surveyor Kit

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Fabio P asked 2 weeks ago
Hello, since some weeks i’m no longer able to use my RTK Calibrated Surveyor Kit, no satellite signal .
This with SW Maps on Android and also with U-Center.
What could be the reason?
How can i debug it ?
I don’t know if the problem is the receiver (simpleRTK2Blite with XBee to USB adapter), the “Survey calibrated antenna”, the “TNC-SMA cable” or other.
Thank’s for any suggestions that can help me overcome this issue.
Fabio P
replied 2 weeks ago

After writing my question, i’ve disconnected the antenna and i identify that the SMA connector is broken (detached from the cable…).
Probably this was the cause. Now i ordered a new cable. I will then test the system again, hoping to have solved the issue.

Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Fabio,
We are sorry to hear that the cable got broken. Let us know if the replacement cable works. If you found how the cable broke, please send us a picture to so we can learn from this case.