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Stéphane asked 3 months ago
Hi all,
Context :  RTK2BLite +  Wifi  NTRIP  Master
I applied the AS  procedure :  “How to share  your  base station with RTK2go ?“.
Result : works fine  since I can find my own mountpoint in RTK2go Caster Table.
My concern :
1 – Data page in U-Center gives 3D/DGNSS status.
2 – Drone RTK receiver gives FLOAT when connecting to my RTKgo mountpoint.
Question : what do I miss to get FIXED in both U-Center and Drone RTK receiver ?
Thanks in advance.
PS : I did apply ” How to configure SImpleRTK2B as static base station ? ”  (Survey-In),  but  it is not better.
PPS : I am able to get FIXED status when connecting U-Center as NTRIP Client.

2 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 3 months ago
Hi Stephane,
Thanks for your question. I’m not sure I got where do you see what, maybe can you clarify?

  1. I understand your base station is OK and you see the mountpoint with RTCM messages on rtk2go caster list?
  2. I understand the problem is on your rover?
  3. Rover connected to PC only shows DGNSS?
  4. Rover connected to Drone shows FLOAT?
  5. Are these 2 rovers the same and connected at the same time?
  6. Did you confirm that your signals are good enough for RTK?
GARNIER Stéphane
replied 3 months ago

Thank you for the answer.
I was able to solve my problem this way (don’t know if it is the best method) :

1 – I applied your procedure to connect to rtk2go. Works fine because I could see my mntpt in their caster table.
2 – I modified the parameter UBX … TIME3 … FIXED + my coordinates (previously determined as CLIENT).

As a result, I connected my drone (rover) to rtk2go (my mntpt) and got FLOAT then FIX.

Hope it’s clear. Please do not hesitate to comment if I do something inappropriate.


Stéphane answered 3 months ago
My comments here above.

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