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cmf12 asked 10 months ago

ardusimple rtk2blite is compatible for Novatel Smart2 receiver? (rx tx)
can i replace novatel smart2 for ardusimple rtk2blite? (novatel only dgnss,sbaas)
rtk2blite can send Nmea2000 messages?

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clive1 answered 10 months ago

No, the SMART2 interface uses RS232 levels, you’d need level translators to connect with the RTK2B(lite) boards
The uBlox ZED-F9P Interface Description (Protocol Specification) describes the NMEA sentences/forms output by the ZED-F9P.

cmf12 replied 10 months ago

novatel send gps data to—> field computer = 50-60cm accuracy RMS
i need more accuracy, can i make this? ardusimple + rs232 evrithing adapter send gps data to —-> filed computer = 30-35 cm accuracy

Ardusimple Staff replied 9 months ago

with the RS232 adapter if the Novatel device supports standard NMEA sentences it should be compatible, but we have not tried ourselves.