nmea with rs232 simultaneously ntrip xbee

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DUFOUR XAVIER asked 3 weeks ago

Im disappear… I have try several combinaison ohne success.. I will use simultaneously the ntrip xbee and the rs232 xbee.
I plug the ntrip xbee on the xbee socket with uart2 for receive rtcm. No problem, I can fix mode
I plug the rs232 xbee on the xbee socket uart1 for transmit nmea. No problem, it’s ok
I have try to connect the rs232 xbee by welding the rx1 and tx1 (for use uart1) and the alimentation directly in the socket xbee (after try to use the ioref 3v and the uart gnd ohne success). No success. 
I have try rx2 and tx2 with uart2 (if I have damage the uart1). No success.
So I have try to plug the ntrip xbee on the xbee socket with uart2 and welding on the other side the rs232 xbee. I have programm uart2 for receive rtcm and transmit nmea. No problem for transmit nmea or fix individual. But together, I can transmit nmea but the ntrip seems disconnect. No fix. If i use the u-center’s ntrip client, I can fix. And after, I have saw that the ntrip malfunction. I think that the alimentation it’s so low but I haven’t tool for the mesure.
I lost, i don’t know what is the solution.

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Hi Xavier, could you send pictures of your setup here or to info@ardusimple.com? We will try together to troubleshoot your case. The mode pictures the better to understand your connection. if you also have a connection diagram it can only help.

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clive1 answered 3 weeks ago

The only way I see this working is that the NTRIP/Bluetooth XBee needs to go in the socket via UART2, and the RS232 level converter needs to use UART1 via D0/D1 Arduino pins, with IOREF/3V3 and GND