New ZED-F9R Firmware Released

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clive1 asked 3 months ago

uBlox has now publicly released the HPS 1.20 firmware for the ZED-F9R modules.
Release Notes
3.6.1 New features
• SBAS supported. SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN) corrections are used when no RTCM corrections are available. SBAS is enabled in the default configuration.
The feature improved accuracy during certain automotive certification processes.
• SLAS (QZSS L1S) supported. SLAS corrections are used when no RTCM corrections are available. SLAS corrections take precedence over SBAS corrections. The use of SLAS correction is disabled by default.
• NMEA version 4.11 supported but version 4.10 is the default.
• Enhancements to support RTK fixes using combined and uncombined signals with automatic switching to optimize position accuracy.
3.6.2 Improvements
•Improved RTK performance in open-sky environment.
•Higher RTK fix rate compared to previous release.
•UBX-ESF-RAW messages delivered at 100 Hz as individual values without aggregating multiple samples into one message. This reduces the latency of the values delivered to the host
Station ID for RTCM3 seems to been improved to match FW HPG/HDG 1.13
NAVIC MSM RTCM3 messages are now recognized, not sure where we stand currently with NAVIC support in general. Suspect this will be driven by large Indian customer or in-country engagement.

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 months ago

Thanks clive!