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pliaugusto asked 7 months ago
Hello guys, is there a plastic case with antenna and electronic board in the same compartment?

The cable between the plate and the antenna makes it difficult to carry out surveys in the middle of the forest.

I believe that a mechanical design where we could place the board just below the antenna with bluetooth access and configuration for cell phones would make life easier for all surveyors.


Staff replied 7 months ago

We don’t have any product.
The closest one is the handheld surveyor kit:
The antenna is not inside the box but is connected directly on the SMA connector without any cables.
ArduSimple Team

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Ion Gabriel answered 7 months ago
replied 7 months ago

Ion Gabriel, por favor podrías suministrar los nombres de los accesorios (adaptadores) que utilizaste, para conectar directamente sin cables la placa Ardusimple y la antena? Y si no es mucho pedir, el link en donde compraste los accesorios.

Ion Gabriel answered 7 months ago


Ulanzi BG-3, Acumulator 10000mAh
Tripod adapter 1/4 “- 5/8” Tripod adapter 5/8 “(inside) – 1/4” (outside) to Catch the Power Bank from the GPS Landmark
the rest is the professional kit from ardusimple

replied 7 months ago

Ok gracias.

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