New firmware – 1.11 is out

Q&A forumNew firmware – 1.11 is out
Selective asked 2 years ago
josegarcia replied 2 years ago

2.1 Related software Version 19.01(or later) of u-center GNSS evaluation software is recommended to be used with the released product.
3 Firmware changes
3.1 New features There are no new features in this firmware release compared to firmware version 1.00 HPG 1.10.
3.2 Improvements
Disabling UART1 or using SPI (i.e. pulling down D_SEL to enable SPI and disable UART1) works as expected.
RTCM correction streams ending with SBAS MSM messages arehandled correctly.
The NMEA signal ID in GSV messages is properly set even when signal is not used in navigation.
3.3 Firmwareknown limitations
A receiver moving at very slow speed (<10 cm/s) does not update the heading information in UBX-NAV-PVT. The velocity vectors can be used reliably.
The Geofence status pin is only available on the default pin configuration.