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Network connection of Ardusimple from u-center

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsNetwork connection of Ardusimple from u-center
Barcaz01 asked 4 months ago
I’m doing a setup of a base station with Ardusimple and Wifi NTRIP Master.
I configured all the settings but I’d like to be able to access Ardusimple from the local network with the u-center software, so that I can change settings or view data of the base without going to the roof.
Which settings should I put in the ESP32 XBee Config v0.5.2 page?
Which address should I put in the u-center connection network window? (I tried for example “tcp://” ).
These are the info about my local network:
Ardusimple local ip address: (I can access the Wifi NTRIP Master config page from local network)
Local gateway:
Subnet mask:
Thank you for your attention, 
Staff replied 4 months ago

To have this functionality you need to enable the “TCP server” function. Then use u-center to access the ip of the wifi at the selected port (by default 23). In your case then

With a V1 board, you will only be able to receive messages, as ZED is not supporting configuration messages over UART2. You will need to enable the messages that you want to see remotely at 115’200bps, but you will not be able to change settings.

With a V3 board, just configure the port at 115’200bps, and you will be able to change settings remotely.

This limitation of ZED UART2 is resolved with a new firmware that should be available before the end of the year.

replied 4 months ago

Thank you very much for your reply.
Can you please tell me where I can find the “TCP server” function? It is the “Socket server” option in the ESP32 XBee Config v0.5.2 page, right?
Currently I have both V1 and V3 boards, I was setting the V1 as base (with Wifi NTRIP Master) and the V3 as rover (with bluetooth connected to an Android smartphone and so with NTRIP), because I think the V3 could be more versatile if I change something in future :).
Thank you also for the tip about the firmware upgrade of the V1, at the first necessity I’ll perform it when it will be available 🙂

Staff replied 4 months ago

Correct it’s the “socket server” function.