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Matioupi asked 2 years ago


for people willing to do some ntrip testing, I made my station available as a NTRIP source on

the stream feed from the trimble station is mountpoint MAGC
the stream feed from the F9P ardusimple is mountpoint MAGC_UBX
Both streams send MSM7 messages (GPS+GLO+GAL+BDS) at 1Hz
both share the same antenna as described here
I cheated and the coordinate published in the MAGC_UBX 1005 message is actually the L1PC coordinates.

I will probably not let it on a permanent fashion, but would be interested to see “long range” tests if people want to try !
Best regards

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Kaupoi answered 2 years ago

What kind of setup (hardware+software) is needed to get simpleRTK base corrections to 
Is there any app for android to act as a server or is computer needed? How should simpleRTK base to be configured?

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Kaupoi, did you find a way? We think it would be very useful for the community, we never used

Kaupoi replied 2 years ago

I’ve used 2 different setups.
First connected base (usb) to old windows laptop that is running Snip Caster and sending rtcm messages to Laptop provides reliable power to base too.
Second and current setup I have is that same laptop providing power to base. Base is sending rtcm messages through LR radio to my other old laptop in my home office. I connected the LR module I bought from you to this laptop with adapter. Then this laptop, using Snip, sends messages to rtk2go.

Snip Caster is working as a private ntrip caster too, but I haven’t managed to connect to it by any ntrip clients. I’m using mainly AgOpenGPS build-in ntrip client with 3 different simpleRTK rovers in my tractors. My friend is using 1 rover too in his tractor.
My base is working in fixed mode.