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LucaR asked 4 years ago
Hi Ardusimple Team,
I bought two simpleRTK2B (both with xbee bluetooth), initially both the bluetooth modules worked well, but the day after one of the two stoped working, that is when I power the device, the board works but the bluetooth does not turn on. I’m very new with this kind of stuff so I can’t provide you many other information about it, sorry.
Any kind of advice will be really appreciated!
Thank you
Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Luca,

1.Can you explain it more detail what it means it doesn’t work anymore?
2.Do the LEDs light up?
3.Did you do something different before they stopped working?
4.Can you discover the device from your phone but just doesn’t show data?

1 Answers
LucaR answered 4 years ago
Thank you for the answear!
So, no xbee bluetooth LED lights up and I can’t find the device with PC’s Bluetooth.
I didn’t do nothing strange or at least not voluntarily, the only thing that I remember is that I powered up the device from POWER+XBEE and not from POWER+GPS but I don’t think that it is a problem.
Staff replied 4 years ago

That is a bit strange if the LEDs of the bluetooth don’t turn on at all. Can you send us a few pictures or even better a video to ? Include the link to this post in your e-mail.

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