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topocomputer1 asked 1 month ago
Good afternoon to the community.
I have a SimpleRTK2B V3 board, an AS-ANT2B-CAL antenna and I work with NTRIP. The thing is that in certain scenarios (under trees or near buildings) I don’t get a fixed line, naturally it’s because of the multipath signals. The concern is if placing a ground plane using a 250 – 300 mm aluminum disc will improve reception in those places?

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Ardusimple Staff answered 1 month ago
Hi topocomputer,
The survey antenna already has a ground plane inside, adding an external one might help for noise immunity but will not improve much multipath and direct blockage which might be your biggest problem under trees.
replied 1 month ago

Ok gracias.

replied 1 month ago

Back in the day AeroAntenna had a choke ring which one of their marine antenna could nest within.

The trick there was getting the top of the trenches flush with the phase center plane of the antenna. Generally what its doing is masking low angle signals, and near-in and off-the-ground reflections.

If you want to experiment with large disc ground planes, I’d suggest using the ANN-MB, as it will be particularly helpful there, more directly applicable, and should give you a comparative reference vs your other antenna in the difficult cases.

replied 1 month ago

Tomado en cuenta Mr Clive.

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