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sungummy asked 2 years ago
I am using a simpleRTK2B base + rover kit and want to add a second rover (and maybe more after that). I am using a fixed base setup. My understanding so far is that I can upload the rover 10Hz file to my second simpleRTK2B rover board and that will work. Is that correct or are there any differences in the F9P configuration that I need to make for multirover setup?
The other aspect is the xbees, it seems like in my kit, the base xbee is set up as coordinator but is configured to send only to the xbee on the rover from the kit. I believe I have to change the base xbee to broadcast the message, is that correct?
Also, I will be switching to the simpleRTK2BLite. Are there any major differences for enabling a multirover setup using the LITE boards? I believe there are not but I can’t tell for sure.
Thank you!

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Ardusimple Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Sungummy,
MR kits don’t support multirover.
LR kits support multirover. Just get an extra radio and they are already pre-configured to connect with each other. For the new simpleRTK2B “rover”, just upload any “rover” configuration file:
replied 2 years ago

Thanks, What about the MR kits make them not able to support multi-rover?

Staff replied 2 years ago

The hardware doesn’t work well with multi-rover.

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