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omar.cutimbo asked 2 years ago
it is possible to incorporation an imu sensor (9250) into the simplertk2b?.

anybody have any help information?
I am very happy with this product but I want to improve it with the IMU sensor.
Thank you very much for your time
Staff replied 2 years ago

Dear Omar,
We are working on a simpleRTK2B board with integrated IMU, will be available in the middle of this year.

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clive1 answered 2 years ago
The ZED-F9R has an IMU, as does the ZED-F9K
replied 2 years ago

ProductSummary of ZED-F9R says: Position accuracy RTK < 0.2 m + 1 ppm CEP. Thought RTK is more precise??

replied 2 years ago

Awaiting samples. Numbers suggest it is spending most of the time in FLOAT, have requested clarification as same numbers in Data Sheet.

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