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13vadimka13 asked 2 years ago
Hello everyone! On my simpleRTK2B – Basic Starter Kit is the configuration of the Rover. How can I disable unnecessary satellite systems on it? No matter how much I tried, u center doesn’t want to save the setting
replied 2 years ago

Sorry for wrong topic name. It is: U center configuration problem

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clive1 answered 2 years ago
You need to be more specific about what you actually tried, enumerate them, saying you tried a bunch of unspecified things unsuccessfully isn’t very illuminating.
Settings are saved in a could of ways usually via UBX-CFG-CFG or UBX-CFG-VALSET, you don’t have a battery, so saving to BBR probably not going to work. From the uBlox 9 advanced configuration select “Set In Flash”  before applying the new settings
replied 2 years ago

Clive1, hello! Thank you so much! I solved my problem!

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