Moving base heading via NMEA VTG

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AndrewRL asked 1 week ago

Last year in answer to @cjmssmd question “simpleRTK2B + simpleRTK2BLite Hookup”, Ardusimple replied “simpleRTK2B outputs heading in UBX format. Message ubx-nav-relposned. Heading in NMEA format will be provided by future version of the product.
There has been new firmware in the meantime.
Has NMEA heading output been provided yet?
Is it planned before the spring?
(To avoid reinventing the wheel) have any workarounds been developed to use the UBX information to modify the NMEA message?
My application (Agriculture) needs to find the heading in the VTG message.

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 week ago

Unfortunately not possible with low cost simpleRTK2B, an external arduino to make the conversion is required.

This feature is only available with simpleRTK2B-SBC but this product is for automotive use and price is much higher than simpleRTK2B boards + arduino. You can contact us to for more information about this product.