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jmorr924 asked 11 months ago

Hi Ardusimple Team,
Recently I obtained a simpleRTKB & simpleRTKBLite for heading & position information (moving base). I’ll admit I’m a novice in the GPS/RTK world, but I did manage to get it the antennas attached and the boards communicating with the U-Center Software. I was wondering if you had any documentation/tutorial on how to configure these boards in moving-base mode, and from there relay this information to an Arduino.
Thanks for the help!

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kylerlaird answered 11 months ago

I’m also working on this. Here’s what I have so far…
UBX-NAV-RELPOSNED (0x01, 0x3c) messages seem to be enabled on the simpleRTK2B “out of the box.” They are described on page 158 of this document:
Note that the NED is in cm. This could be a problem if you were planning to navigate by the point in the center of the two antennas. But the heading is in degrees * 1E-5.
The relpos numbers are from the antenna on the Lite (the “base” for this moving baseline) to the antenna on the main board.
I’m getting about 1 Hz on the LLH messages and the RELPOS messages come…occasionally. I need to fix that.

kylerlaird replied 11 months ago

Ha! Flip the page…on page 159 is rest of the UBX-NAV-RELPOSNED message. And it contains high-precision NED components.

kylerlaird replied 11 months ago

I fixed up my parsing a bit and confirmed that I am getting 1 Hz NAV-RELPOSNED out of the box.

It looks like I just need to figure out how to increase the reporting rate and then push RTCM to it.