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skypuppy asked 2 years ago

Ok, got the xctu running on both linux and windows desktops at the same time.  When the usb cables are plugged into the xbee port on the f9p, both radios talk to each other with zero errors (they’re only about 6 feet apart.)  However, when plugged into the xbee port, ucenter cannot see the data from the f9p chip.  And, when plugged into the f9p USB port, xctu can’t see the xbee radio.  Wonderful.  Not, really.  How can I verify that the two radios are exchanging rtcm data with each other, in real time?  Of course, ublox has never seen fit to port ucenter to Linux so I only have one window into the f9p.  Do you guys know of any equivalent ucenter software for the Linux world, as I could find absolutely none.
The rover is connected to the Win box with ucenter.  While watching ucenter, none of the fixes tightened up at all, and at one point, just stopped showing any data change whatsoever.  No position updates, nothing.
Lastly, I have seen the UART2 setting somewhere and it was set to exchange rtcm data but I can’t find that anymore.

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Kaupoi answered 2 years ago

Could you use 2 usb’s at the same time? 

skypuppy answered 2 years ago

I was wondering that myself.  Don’t see why not, so I’ll try it later.  I assume you mean to connect both the f9p side and the xbee side USB ports of a single board, at the same time.

Kaupoi replied 2 years ago