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13vadimka13 asked 2 weeks ago

Has anyone tried changing the minimum and maximum number of satellites in UBX-CFG-GNSS? Is there a plus for accuracy in this?

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clive1 answered 2 weeks ago

I don’t know there is a definitive answer for this. Generally they want you to use the Series 9 Configuration methods. Increasing the mask angle might have the most direct impact on accuracy. In post processing you’d need contemporaneous data from two sources, and you can usually either pick a mask angle for exclusion there, or they can be rejected as outliers if the data is unhelpful.
Interactions and personal observation is that there is a 32 satellite ceiling on those actually used in a navigation solution. This might be to stop legacy stuff breaking, or just keep the processing bandwidth, and matrices, in check.

13vadimka13 answered 2 weeks ago

Clive1, thank you for answer! Also in U-blox F9P specisication write: 184channel ublox F9 engine. But in U-center write max 60 channels. Is it hardware limit on Ardusimple board?

clive1 replied 2 weeks ago

The ZED has two ICs each with 92 channels, the acquisition/tracking split isn’t specified, one IC does the low L band the other the higher L band. So for any given satellite two channels will be used.

13vadimka13 replied 2 weeks ago

Clive1, it is interesting. On the other hand, 60 channels are enough for my tasks