Maximum concurrent rovers from single base station

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Matt Hahne asked 3 months ago
Using SimpleRTK2Blite boards for rovers, with corrections sent using the XLR radio modules, how many rovers can concurrently get RTK corrections from a single base stations?  Looking to fly up to 4 drones simultaneously off one base.
replied 3 months ago

The observations (not corrections) are broadcast, as far as I’m aware the point-to-multipoint shouldn’t really have an actual limitation, generally in radio this isn’t a requirement with one-way traffic broadcast from a singular source, not personally using the Digi radios, but the documentation suggests they are capable, and there are certainly alternatives that are.

Where things can get problematic is rovers looking to back-haul data, where they are all time synchronized.

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Ardusimple Staff answered 3 months ago
Hi Matt,
We backup clive1 answer, our LR radios work in broadcast mode, therefore there’s no limit on the number of rovers as long as they all have rf line of sight with the base station.