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graboosky asked 3 months ago

I am sure I can send somehow RTCM data over MAVLink to Pixhawk. But how forward this message to simpleRTK2b? My company is going to work on huge project and I would like to know how simpleRTK2b should be connected to Pixhawk. Thank for helping me:)
I am new to ardupilot and simpleRTK2b(I have a board xD), but wonder to know how to forward message to RTCM simpleRTK2b UART. Can I setup everything with Mission Planner?
ps. is the setup/configuration process exactly same as described here: ?
I think it would be very helpful if ardusimple team prepare such a tutorial:)

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The above document is for Reach-Emlid users, it is an embedded computer that can handle those protocols. SimpleRTK2b is Ublox’s latest F9P-ZED dual frequency positioning receiver.
Basically, F9P is the upgraded version of M8P.
Which module does your system use? Documents for PX4 users :  Here  and  Here.
If you want to integrate Internet connection for NTRIP / MQTT application to transmit RTCM or NMEA with longer distance, you may be interested in building ESPrtk + SimpleRTK2b for your UAV.

graboosky replied 3 months ago

Thanks for reply.
Indeed ESPrtk would solve problem but… the thing is I wish to use only one radio module in my future drone. I see me setup as:

GCD Pixhawk simpleRTK2b

I would have to connect GPS board to GPS and UART(for RTK) outputs in Pixhawk. The question is how to forward gps correction data through Pixhawk to ardusimple board? Is it possible?

ps. I think it is:) Qustion is how you people do that?:P

graboosky replied 3 months ago

So GCD would talk to Pixhawk only through Wi-Fi(MAVLink) and Pixhawk would forward RTK correction data to ardusimple board afterwards (have to add this comment cause some character were cut off from above comment:).

(This comment box does not support attachment link. I have sent you some other documents below, hope it helps.)

Detail header pinout here : Docs

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Detail header pinout here : Docs

he documents for F9P are not many. To be able to build a complete system, it needs a lot of installation and configuration for both Base and Rover, but the F9P is very similar to M8P, it’s just different that you’ll have to replace the RX port on M8P to RX2 on Ardusimple2b ( for RTCM input), see the instructions for M8P here:  (Link)
You can refer to some other guidelines here for M8P and Piksi:
(Link2)  —  (Link3)   — (Link4)

graboosky replied 3 months ago

Perfect!!! thanks.