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thoxrider asked 2 weeks ago
Hi, I bought a LR Kit and followed the instruction for setting up the base and rover but I am facing problem establishing link between base and rover. I did it with U-center 2, but should I use U-center?
And when I connect the BASE (POWER + XBEE) with my laptop, U-center console says ‘not recieving data’.  The LED’s Xbee > Gps and Gps > Xbee are both turn on respectivetly on the BASE and ROVER, but ‘NO RTK’ LED stay on. How should i proceed to see the data and the position of the ROVER on the HOME base?
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Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Yes u-center 2 is not supporting F9P yet, you should use u-center 1.
Place the GPS antennas outdoors without obstructions from building etc.
Then follow step by step the hookup guide:

replied 1 week ago

I follow the guide but with the base connecting to the Xbee + Power port, u-center 1 still says “Fix mode : No fix ” and recieve nothing from the Rover, and the GPS antennas is outdoors without obstructions from building, any idea?

Staff replied 1 week ago

Hi thorxrider,
1. You are not supposed to receive anything on the XBEE+POWER port with the default configuration, other than non readable RTCM messages. Are you expecting some data on this port?
2. Do you receive data on POWER+GPS port?

replied 1 week ago

1. It is written on the on the guide to connect the Base on its XBEE + POWER port, so I thought I’ll recieve the data from the rover on this port, then I can follow the position to my rover from the base
2. If I connect my base on POWER + GPS I recieve data from my GPS antenna, not data from rover

Staff replied 1 week ago

Hi thoxrider,
thanks for the clarification. what you are trying to do is not the default configuration.

to read the rover’s position from the base station, you need to follow this tutorial:

replied 6 days ago

Oh thank you for your answers, I’m a new beginner!
But some other questions appear,:
1- do I have to load the last firmeware on the base? cause it says I have to do it on the rover but not especially on the base
2- they said to load the “srtk2b_rover_sends_back_GGA_to_base_FW_HPG112.txt” link from the Configurations file, but there is only the “simpleRTK2B_FW113_Rover_sends_GGA_to_base_1Hz-00.txt”, is it the same?

3- then all the led are blinking ( GPS > XBEE and XBEE >GPS ), but for the mode on the base, it’s written 3D and not 3D/DGNSS/FIXED, any idea?

Staff replied 6 days ago

1- it’s always good to update to the latest version, u-blox still ships zed-f9p modules with different firmware versions.
2- the configuration file is the same, just updated to be compatible with the latest firmware
3- either it’s not in base station mode, or the antenna is not installed outdoors, or the antenna has been moved during survey step after boot

replied 12 hours ago

Hi, I want to use RTK accuracy on my rover, I follow the hookup guide:
But actually it’s not working, do we have to load the configuratiosn files: simpleRTK2B_FW113_Base-00.txt and simpleRTK2B_FW113_Rover_1Hz-00.txt on respectively the base and the rover?

Staff replied 8 hours ago

Out of the box you don’t need to load configuration files. But if you did some changes or updated firmware, then the pre-configuration was deleted and you will need to load base and rover configuration files again.

1. Once this is done, first step is to make sure that base station is in TIME mode after being powered for 5 minutes outdoors. Do you arrive to this step?

replied 7 hours ago

No, if I just connect the XBEE port of my base, U-center write me “no fix” and nothing happen.
If I connect my base with the GPS port, the mode is 3D and just showed me the position of the base.