lowest power consumption with simpleRTK2Blite?

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romain.schwab asked 6 months ago

I am working in a project which needs GNSS long-term measurements in autonomous mode, where low power consumption is a key point.
So I would like to know :

  1. if simpleRTK2Blite receiver has a lower power consumption than simpleRTK2B V1 receiver ? (I read that simpleRTK2B V1 power consumption is around 600mW.)
  2. is there some tips in receiver configuration for keeping power consumption as low as possible ?

Moreover, do you confirm that simpleRTK2Blite receiver is compatible with Xbee LR (europe) and calibrated survey gnss antenna ?
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Ardusimple Staff replied 6 months ago

1. When powered with 5V, power consumption is very similar between simpleRTK2B and simpleRTK2Blite
But simpleRTK2Blite can be powered at 3V so if you have an efficient power source of 3V it will consume less than simpleRTK2B at 5V.
2. ZED-F9P only has 2 power modes, full power and sleep. So if you need position only full power is an option. Using a low power antenna / passive antenna it can help reduce consumption at the cost of lower performance.
3. simpleRTK2Blite is compatible with LR and Calibrated Survey.