Logging UBX or RTCM data from simpleRTK2B Lite with the \”Serial Datalogger to microSD\”

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsLogging UBX or RTCM data from simpleRTK2B Lite with the \”Serial Datalogger to microSD\”
camilorada asked 7 months ago
Hi, I have a simpleRTK2B Lite updated to firmware 1.32 and a \”Serial Datalogger to microSD\” with OpenLog v2.0. I need to log raw data for postprocessing. Either UBX or RTCM data would work (I prefer UBX).
After following the instructions in the logger documentation, I found that it was not working. I realized that the configuration file \”RAW data (PPK) over UART1 & USB at 1Hz\” is not meant for the lite version because it set up the UBX transmission on UART1, and Lite has the logger on UART2.
After configuring UART2 to the correct baud rate (57600), I can successfully record NMEA data, but nothing gets recorded if I choose UBX or RTCM3. In those cases, the LEDs on the logger remain off, so it seems like nothing is transmitted at all.

From what I\’ve read, UART2 should be able to transmit RTCM3 messages, and U-Center also allows the UBX option. However, none works. Only NMEA does.
How can I log RAW data from simpleRTK2B Lite?

PS: It would be nice if you included female pin headers on the top of the logger to connect it to UART1.

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 7 months ago
  1. Check that your board is running firmware 1.32, this is the only firmware supporting UBX over UART2.
  2. If you are using the configuration file from this tutorial, in addition to activating UBX protocol on UART2, you will also need to enable the RAW data messages via UBX-CFG-MSG

Updating this tutorial is in the pipeline, but we need some time until this task is finished.

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