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angel_espinal asked 4 months ago

Hello, i just bought a Simplertk2b, while exploring the configurations on u-center, i can see in View > Messages View > UBX > CFG > GNSS that the software only shows L1 options.
Is the board using L1 signals only?
How can we see all signals the board is using? to make sure it is usig L2 signals

clive1 replied 4 months ago

Enable UBX-NAV-SIG to see L1 vs L2 reporting, along with UBX-NAV-SVINFO
You need to use View -> Generation 9 Configuration View to see GNSS options

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skypuppy answered 4 months ago

Or, load the firmware from Ardusimple for base or rover, whichever you need.

clive1 replied 4 months ago

Same firmware, different configuration scripts perhaps.