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Is there REST_N pin in SimpleRTK2B lite?

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsIs there REST_N pin in SimpleRTK2B lite?
ich48397 asked 3 weeks ago
I had  broken SimpleRTK2B lite,by   TX-RX pin  short.
I had tryed to ecover  to use SAFE_BOOT_N、but  failed ,UART1 not corresponds.
 Please  tell me,  Is there  RESET_N pin in SimpleRTK2B lite?
replied 3 weeks ago

Don’t know. XBee Pin 5 is typically a reset on other designs.
Alternatively, apply power with SAFEBOOT_N pulled low.

replied 3 weeks ago

Thank you .
Then,I had succeeded to do SAFEBOOT_N and updated HPG1.13.
I am Happy recovering SimpleRTK2B lite.