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Case Mx100 asked 2 months ago
Good morning:
I have an ardusimple module and I can not install it on a tablet with windows 7, 
it appears as u-blox sensor device and it does not finish installing,
it gives installation error and it does not manage to install the drivers.
This tablet is from the year 2012 and previously another ublox module was installed. However in a computer with w10 I have managed to install it without any problem. I have tried to uninstall drivers according to the instructions of ublox, reinstall drivers,
but I do not get it in any way. Is there any solution? Thanks in advance
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Ardusimple Staff answered 2 months ago

u-blox Windows 7 drivers are not compatible with ZED-F9P. You might want to try this solution: 
Let us know if it works.

Case Mx100 answered 2 months ago

Hello, i have tried your solution, but it don´t works.  First, I have verified that product ID is 01A9, I have changed it to 01A8 following your instructions.

I have verified that the ID has changed to 01A8. Then I have connected the board to the W7 tablet but it does not install it correctly.
It installs it as ublox GNSS receiver with error.If you try to update the drivers from device manager appears a message that the
drivers for this device are not installed - code 28.
It remains searching for the drivers indefinitely.
Ardusimple Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Case Mx100,
Did you find a solution? There are 2 drivers for u-blox available and sometimes having both might cause this issue. I would suggest starting with removing all u-blox drivers (including sensor driver) and then installing only VCP driver and then connecting the device to the PC.