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jose asked 2 months ago

Hi everyone,
We are using a SimpleRTK2B rover on an Arduino UNO for GPS logging (and a base sending RTK corrections). We are finding an enormous energy consumption (like 1%/min of a 25Ah Lipo battery). Maybe that is to be expected, but we find it really limiting for our application.
Do you know of any means to reduce the energy consumption? Could it be related to the quantity of NMEA messages sent? Or it is the radio antenna who consumes a lot?
We are currently only using the $GNRMC messages to get time and position.
Thank you,

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 months ago

Hi Jose,
simpleRTK2B is not optimized for power consumption, nevertheless let’s check if what you see is normal or abnormal.
simpleRTK2B with GNSS antenna connected and no bluetooth no radio, should consume 100mA @ 5V.

clive1 replied 2 months ago

What Radio are you using? The telemetry radios draw quite significant amount of power.
The Arduino UNO probably pulls around 45 mA
A GNSS antenna probably around 15-45 mA, you could power it from a bench supply and measure.

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jose answered 2 months ago

Thank you,
you are right, without the radio antenna, it consumes about 115 mA. With the XBee LR radio antenna, 155 mA. So it must be my Arduino setup (intense logging + SD shield + some other sensors).
Thanks for the prompt response!