how to get coordinates quite accurately. (to place a base point) "Real-Time Extended"

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omar.cutimbo asked 2 years ago
hello, I want to get coordinates with the rtk2B quite accurately. (for future use as a fixed base). In commercial equipment such as trimble, the method is called “Real-Time Extended”. Does anyone have a guide or similar?
I understand that with the initial configuration, the base calculates its position with two conditionals: after 5 minutes of ignition and having 2.5 meters of precision.
If I am correct I should extend the capture time to 6 hours for example and raise the accuracy to 0.2 m.
– How do I get those corrected coordinates?
– I only connect the rtk2b to the u-center and do the reading ?.
– How do I perform the postprocessing?
Thank you very much for your time
I hope you can help me.

1 Answers
clive1 answered 2 years ago
Presumably if you used the SURVEY-IN methods, you’d get the values reported via UBX-NAV-SVIN ? Once in TIME mode the position reported by the receiver should be static.
If you can feed the Base with RTCM3 via NTRIP from some reference station the accuracy could be resolved to several cm.
To post-process you’d need to record about 30 minutes of raw measurements, and then run them across the same 30 mins of data from a local CORS or other reference station, or recordings from a second RTK2B place at a Reference Marker.
Use your software of preference, GrafNav, Carlson, XPro or whatever.

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