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Mehmet asked 3 weeks ago

Hi everyone I just want to learn if I\’m able to change rf signals that XBee XLR Radio module provides me? That kit gives me 902-928 MHz but in my homeland, the government uses those bands for GSM providers, so I may get sentenced if I use it.

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Dear Mehmet,
XLR USA version allows to reduce the frequency range, but minimum frequency range is around 13MHz, this means for example that minimum configuration could be 915-928MHz or 902-915MHz or something inbetween.

clive1 replied 3 weeks ago

Perhaps state what the frequency requirements actually are?
What ISM/Junk bands are available in your location?
Get an XBee form factor radio suitable for your country of operation.

mfatih replied 2 days ago

The reason I’m trying to use this is because of where I want to reach. I want to have my rover reached up to 50 km far away from the base. However, available one is only which has those rf frequencies and working in between those values impossible and needed to get permission that might last least 3 months

mfatih replied 2 days ago

By the way, thank you for your precious response

clive1 replied 1 day ago

Ok, but what frequency(s) can you use?
Is this 50 KM horizontal, or vertically?
At this type of distance you’re not going to get horizontal line-of-sight due to curvature.
uBlox really doesn’t recommend RTK operation beyond 10 KM due to differences in signal paths, they only quote ppm to 20 KM.
What kind of accuracy are you looking for in your RTK solution?
Is using a GSM/Cellular Modem an option?
Do you have a VRS (Virtual Reference Station) provider locally?

mfatih replied 13 hours ago

except between 870MHz-960 MHz I can use every single frequency but 1.4GHz or 2.4 even or 433 MHz would be very suitable for me.

50 Km horizontal – 6/8 Km vertical / of course at those distances I don’t expect line-of-sight.
I don’t expect centimeter accuracy but meter would be very good.

mfatih replied 13 hours ago

why do you saying that “Is using a GSM/Cellular Modem an option?” could you please expose this question more?

I will have base and airborne unit addition to my system. The system is already flying and this will be kinda secondary protection.