How should we (ardusimple users) handle questions of u-blox related bug

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsHow should we (ardusimple users) handle questions of u-blox related bug
Matioupi asked 4 years ago
How do you prefer that ardusimple users handle ublox related bugs/questions ?
on our own on u-blox forum or here and you will relay to you own support contacts ?

e.g. a few subjects that I have after first (successfull) testings today :
– new firmware file request
– it seems that u-center 18.11 displays altitude rounded to 10 cm, even when in fix mode.
– When setting externally surveyed coordinates for the base station (TMODE = FIXED), u-center still displays “3D” as fix mode for the base (and the altitude rounding is also present)
– when using the _HP part of the position (either ECEF_HP or LAT/LON/HEIGHT _HP) for fixedbase position, the displayed coordinates are still truncated to standard resoution
– the documentation of the TMODE=FIXED says that coordinates must be given at ARP, but as no antenna model/PCO can be specified, I guess that supplied coordinates should rather be at L1PC

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Bexi AG answered 4 years ago
u-center 18.11 displays the height rounded off to 10 cm, even in Fix mode:
The can be that the resolution of NMEA massages is to low.
replied 4 years ago

I turn off the NMEA messages, at this point they are too verbose and low precision. Right Click, Disable Child Messages
uCenter historically hasn’t managed multiple conflicting messages well.

replied 4 years ago

Thanks for the info about the way to fix the height resolution display.

clive1 answered 4 years ago
I have the firmware and will check more directly with contacts within uBlox as to their feelings about more general distribution now we’ve hit user space. The update process isn’t what I’d describe as super robust as the ROM can’t take a download via USB. I do have means/methods to do a firmware update via a NUCLEO-F767ZI shield and the UART input. It will be Jan 2 before I can recover my production boards from DHL.
Having worked with uBlox for a number of years the best way to get technical resolution is via FAE level contact, I can help some on the forum, but there are limits to free support. I would recommend Registering Your Project, and identifying that you are using an ArduSimple board along with the type of application you’re working on.This will get you into their CRM system, but be aware that resources are limited and support isn’t going to want a lot of inane questions.
Let’s try to cultivate a list of bugs/annoyances here, we can validate or formalize the issue/request, and then one of us can push those into the appropriate people/teams at uBlox HQ.
Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi clive1, we are happy to have you on-board 🙂
The process you describe was due to an old firmware.
With the firmware version that we shipped our simpleRTK2B boards, the firmware update process is simple and easy.
We just wrote a post about it:

The latest firmware (v1.10) is not available on u-blox site.
We will ask our commercial contact if we can share it with our users.

replied 4 years ago

I’ve pushed a request in earlier to those involved in formulating the Maker Strategy
The ROM firmware is STILL broken, if the update fails, the ROM runs instead, and I and others have encountered this, the firmware needs to be pushed in via UART1

replied 4 years ago

The 1.10 FW was recently made available to everyone on
I was able to successfully update one board over USB and the other over UART1.
(My) UART1 is fixed at 38400bps

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