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Rajpinderjit Singh asked 3 months ago
I am using CubeOrange Pixhawk with SimpleRTK2B (Rover) and SimpleRTK2Blite (Moving Base) for GPS Yaw and another SimpleRTK2B Budget as Base.
Should I use 1Hz, 5Hz or 10Hz files?
Also does 1Hz mean the GPS signal is sent once per second and 10Hz means it’s sending the information 10 times a second?
Staff replied 3 months ago

It will depend on your application, you can use any of the listed config files.
Regarding the Hz assumption you made, yes, it is correct.

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clive1 answered 3 months ago
It is a solution rate, how often it takes the measurements and computes a new position.
I’d probably go for 5 or 8 Hz
For the most part 10 Hz is beyond the receiver in multi-constellation mode
replied 3 months ago

Hi Clive,

I am using a SimpleRTK2B card at 10hz with the following constellations : GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU. My need is to send NMEA sentences to a sport car receiver with only : GGA, RMC, VTG. When I am looking to the log files, everything seems to go well. Could you kindly tell me why you are saying that “10 Hz is beyond the receiver in multi-constellation mode”. I know, I am noob and you are an expert. So if I can go bed less silly, I will be happy. Thank you Clive for your reply.

Best regards,

replied 3 months ago

There is a table in the data sheet as I recall.
The processing power of the receiver is relatively finite, it computes positions in the past, and while people seem to be distracted with high update rates, it would perhaps be more appropriate to understand where the vehicle currently is, at least for control systems.
For logging and retrospective analysis, perhaps less so, but there I think I’d use richer data than NMEA

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