how long to get RTK-fix?

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django122 asked 1 year ago

i have the simpleRTK2B Starterkit MR. One with the normal antanna, one with the Survey GNSS antenna.
They come configured as moving base and rover. I try to get a RTK fix at different locations, wait over one hour, but no fix.
The last try was on top of a hill, no trees, no buildings, free in every directions to the horizon.
My question is: how long does it take to get a RTK-fix
I have read, that a moving base must have a correction data from a ntrip or others. Is this correct? If yes, than the configuration is not right.
I have a car which is moving around but stand still, when the rover will get his position. I think my order was not so clear.
If you need more details, please ask.

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 year ago

Hello Matthias,
With a moving base, you will get relative cm level position in seconds.
You have a special configuration and to see the reported position of the rover, you need to connect to the POWER+XBEE USB port in the moving base.

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django122 answered 1 year ago

Thanks for the tip. But how will it work? XBee is ocupied by the GPS. I have no access to it. My pc opens a serialport, but that’s all.
Which programm? Terminal, ublox, xctu? Sorry, there is no respons.

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 year ago

You should use u-center connecting the board via POWER+XBEE @ 115200bps