How do I know when survey-in has finished?

Q&A forumHow do I know when survey-in has finished?
svenn asked 1 month ago
Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

you can monitor the status in message ubx-tim-svin

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skypuppy answered 3 weeks ago

Bear in mind that I know very little about this system yet, but, AUIU, you kinda set that length of time based upon how you set the parameter, (something like) “acceptable precision.”  It seems like a logarithmic response time.  Past a certain setting, it can take DAYS to get even close to low centimeter precision at least in my environment.  Some settings may never converge.  However, after you get “close enough,” the rovers can lock in at 0.03 – 0.01 meters!  Then, if you can relate the “frozen/locked” location/altitude to a real GCP, you can do some quick post processing and correct all the rover values to actual.  For my applications (so far) less than a meter off of real is entirely satisfactory.  Harder to get there in the vertical.