How can it connect Sparkfun GPS RTK2 with XB Radio PRO 900 HP

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marcohd1987 asked 1 year ago
Hi friends,
I am trying to connect Sparkfun GPS RTK2 with XB Radio Pro 900 HP due to it is an extra long radio telemetry. Previusly I have tried with Holybro Telemetry Radio and It has connected withoud problems in RTK mode. Now I would like to connect it with XB Radio Pro 900 HP and It can’t connect in rtk mode even though I have inserted the corresponding baud rates in XCTU software. If anypeople could help me with this problem or the configuration in XCTU software, I will be grateful.

Kind Regards.

Marco Herrera
replied 1 year ago

Are you talking about this product? Or some Digi product?

This and the SparkFun board really aren’t ArduSimple products.
For radio I’d strongly suggest setting up both ends of the link into a terminal application and confirm you have basic data transit working at the expected baud rates. Then perhaps have one pass a NMEA sentence you can read easily, rather than RTCM3 which you can’t. You could perhaps use the NMEA sentence to determine viable distance for the radio link.
The RTCM3 link on the ZED-F9P expects data to be passed transparently, ie not bytes added, none removed, and remaining in the correct order, basically what goes in one end should be the exact same at the destination. Without this you are wasting your time.

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