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Nick Lupishko asked 4 months ago

so i received my 2 simpleRTK2b boards and simpleRTK2blite.
i want to use it on a drone for accuracy and heading.
i want to use one simpleRTK2b as a base and the other one on the drone.
the question is, i nees to put the simpleRTK2blite on the drone or is it needs to be on the base?
can anyone share their own experience on how to configure it? i’m really confused about how i need to configure everything.
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clive1 answered 4 months ago

Heading/Orientation at the drone would require TWO antennas, and a simpleRTK2b + simpleRTK2blite + Radio on the drone. It is computing the displacement of the antennas in space, in real time.