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juanparm99 asked 6 months ago
I am Juan Pablo Rodriguez, I am doing my thesis about implementing a GNSS system with centimeter accuracy in a agricultural robot.
Some weeks ago i got the Ardusimple SimpleRTK2B – Basic starter kit and i am having some problems with the U-Center interface, I settled everything so i get connexion from the satelites and i conected the NTRIP client but i dont know how to get the data to analize it. In the project we got two systems the emblid Reach M2 and this Ardusimple product and the idea is to compare how they work and their accuracy working with them in areas with trees, mountais or buildings.
My problem is that i need to get the data to be able to compare it with the data i got from the Emblid reciever that gives the positioning in Northin, Easting, lateral and elevation RMS but i dont know how to get it from U-Center.
Please can someone help me?

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Ardusimple Staff answered 6 months ago
Dear juanparm99,
You can export data from a u-blox receiver in 3 ways:

  • Implementing a parser for NMEA/UBX protocol in your application
  • Using u-center > Menu Bar > Table View > Export
  • Using a processing software that already supports GPS data, like for example SW Maps for Android

About the type of data, the u-blox receivers output data in messages, there’s more than 100 different messages. The most popular for high precision output are:


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