Heading function with two board, no HDT message?

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Roberto asked 6 months ago

With new  simpleRTK2Blite + simpleRTK2B, is possible to get heading information
But ‘how’ the heading information is provided?
On the nmea protocol of the zed-f9p there is no standard HDT function
So, how is heading information provided to the user?

Ardusimple Staff replied 6 months ago

Hi Roberto,

The heading and baseline distance is provided automatically in the UBX-NAV-RELPOSNED message (UBX protocol).

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

gchustz replied 4 months ago

I’m attempting to test differential heading with two simpleRTK2B’s in rover configuration. Is it possible to do so over the Xbee radios or will it require wiring; if so what is the proper way to wire it? Also are there any configuration changes necessary or will it do the necessary configuration as the simpleRTK2Blite + simpleRTK2b?

Ardusimple Staff replied 4 months ago

It can be done over Xbee radios might have some unpleasant delay with error in the heading calculation. For differential heading it’s recommended to use wired communications. You can wire TX1 to RX1 to connect 2 simpleRTK2B boards. Also don’t forget you also connect GND to GND, and both IOREF to the same voltage.

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amorosik answered 6 months ago

Thank you for fast reply
Is possibile to convert UBX-NAV-RELPOSNED message in Nmea message?

clive1 replied 6 months ago

You’d use a micro-controller on whatever you’re doing integration with/against.
ArduSimple isn’t responsible for the firmware on the ZED-F9P, and isn’t using any micro-controllers on their shields. !ArduComplex

clive1 answered 4 months ago

I stacked my units on a radio board which was feeding the RTCM3 via UART1. The secondary ArduSimple was feed with RTCM3 via UART2 from the primary.
You then get position of the primary via NAV-PVT or NAV-HPPOSLLH and direction from the secondary via NAV-RELPOSNED