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Denis asked 2 years ago

I’ve just updated the firmware on my Rover and before the update the GPS > XBEE light was flashing at a rate of 1 per second, after the update (which was successful) there is no activity.
The board is getting the GPS signal and I’ve got a flashing GPS Fix and I can connect to it using u-center, but sadly no LR radio.
Is there a manual step I must do? I followed the instructions on this link
The Firmware version is showing up as HPG 1.11

clive1 replied 2 years ago

Check baud rate to radio (UART2)

Denis replied 2 years ago

Thanks for the swift reply,

The Baudrate for UART2 (CFG-UART2-BAUDRATE) is set to 38400 (9600 Hex)
Should I change this?

Denis replied 2 years ago

Hi clive1,
I looked around the support topics and found the updated configuration for firmware version 1.11.
Problem solved.

Thank you for your help.


clive1 replied 2 years ago

Cool, seem to recall the radios run at 115,200 whereas the default for the ZED is 38,400

Denis replied 2 years ago

Thanks again.
Just for completeness and hopefully it helps I referenced the QandA topic
and downloaded the configuration for the firmware version I updated to.


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DanielB answered 2 years ago

we bought the simpleRTK2B MR Kit (Base&Rover SN1925, FW1.11) but I had problems with drift after ~2 hours (the RTK Rover drifted away) and I tried an update…
I updated the base and the rover to Firmware 1.12, configured with the configuration files but now the base and rover cant communicate via the xbee module?
I tried to Change UART2 baudrate but the xbee->GPS Leds and the connection are not working?
Which ist the right baudrate and config for the Xbee modules?
Is there any manual to config it step for step after an Firmwareupdate?

DanielB replied 2 years ago

I found out now the “problem”. I missed to save the configuration in “Configuration View” CFG! After upload the config file it is not saved to the flash memory automatically.
After Pressing “Send” it is working. Xbee baudrate 115.2K is also working.