GPS_Auto_Config = 0 not working

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Rajpinderjit Singh asked 3 months ago
I’m using the instruction provided on this link

ArduPilot simpleRTK2B+heading configuration + external corrections

If I set GPS_AUTO_CONFIG to 0,  CubeOrange never picks up any GPS in Mission Planner. (GPS Fix light is blinking on big and small board) I’m using u-blox FW1.32 and also 5Hz FW1.32 moving base and rover configuration files. The moment I change GPS_Auto_Config to 1,  it picks up 1st GPS and 2nd GPS immediately.  Of course with GPS_Auto_Config being 1,  it doesn’t matter what the serial1 and 2 baud rates are as they get changed by the CubeOrange. CubeOrange changes them to 460800 on both Moving Base and Rover GPS. 
I saw that the Rover (heading kit) 5Hz file has UART 1 baud rate of 115200, I even tried changing Serial2 Baud to 115, and still no GPS on Mission Planner (Moving Base is GPS1 and Rover is GPS2)
So why is GPS_Auto_Config = 0 not picking up any GPSes?
Thank You

Staff replied 3 months ago

Please downgrade the firmware to v1.13 and use the configuration files from the tutorial.
ArduSimple Team

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