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hang933975 asked 5 months ago
I am shooting Google Street View with Ardusimple F9R product.
I connect my Android smartphone with the xbee Bluetooth module and receive gpx data.
But here’s the problem. Occasionally or frequently, gaps in the gps data.
my Bluetooth module is hc-05 and the distance from the camera receiving the Bluetooth data is less than 1meter. The baud rate is 9600.
My guess is that the baud rate is too low or the Bluetooth signal is too weak to receive the gps data properly.
I want to hear what other users think.
Maybe my settings are wrong?
uart1 uart2

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Ardusimple Staff answered 5 months ago
Dear customer,
9’600bps might be too low for GPS data. With default configuration, minimum 38’400bps is required.
replied 5 months ago

As expected! I will try to change the baud rate.
And could you share the best protocol setting for Bluetooth Connection? Thank you for reply.

Staff replied 5 months ago

If you use our Bluetooth module, it’s pre-configured at 38’400bps.

replied 5 months ago

Perhaps also diminish what’s being sent, you presumably don’t need 3 or 4 messages reporting position, and a dozen reporting satellite visibilities.

If there are $GxTXT “txbuf,alloc” messages in the stream you are swamping the output. Cull some of the messages via CFG-MSGOUT-xxxx or UBX-CFG-MSG

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