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greentech asked 2 months ago

Hi, I purchase the cable for gps (GPS2)…

Until now I have always used M8N which had two information (GPS + Compas I2C).
How do you advise me to add the compass to the RTK Ardusimple Rover that does not have an integrated compass?
I can merge the information from another GPS (M8N for Example) …. or i can use just the I2C port of pixhawk to detect compass information of another GPS.
Best Regards.

2 Answers
jberezin answered 2 months ago

I am using the internal, built-in, magnetometer included in the pixhawk.  Seems to be working well.

skypuppy answered 2 months ago

Magnetometers are not designed to be electronic compasses, although we can use them as such.  Confidence levels in that use should be monitored with great care.