GPS issues when enabling other USB3 devices

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Patrick Weber asked 8 months ago
I use your simpleRTK solution in a base+rover configuration. My rover is equipped with NVidia Jetson. Most sensors like Lidar, camera and others are connected by USB, as well as the simpleRTK board is.
It runs fine, I get a GPS fix solution within a few minutes right after start. 
However, as soon as I start my camera (Intel Realsense D435, USB3.0), GPS fix instantly gets lost and GPS accuracy raises from 0.01m up to 20m. If I stop the camera, I get a GPS fix again within some minutes.
Start/stop camera in my case means, start and stop the ROS node (software) of the camera. It is plugged in all the time. So with camera plugged in but without using its data, things works good. As soon as I start to use the camera data (like streaming), things stops to work.
Other sensors like my Lidar doesn\’t influence the GPS fix solution. I already tried to use different USB ports, ensuring to use different USB hosts as well as using a powered USB hub to rule out power related issues. None of them worked.
Any ideas what causes this issue?

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 8 months ago
The only solution is to increase the distance between the GPS antenna and your Lidar. Lidar is emitting a lot of noise in the GPS band.
Patrick Weber
replied 8 months ago

It’s not Lidar causing this issue. It’s a USB3 stereo camera

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