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Wolfgang asked 4 months ago

Hello, I understand that spam is a problem and such but can we please loosen up the google captcha settings a bit? I just spent FOUR minutes (on the clock) working for free for a company of which I am not exactly the biggest fan.
Thanks in advance.

Ardusimple Staff replied 4 months ago

Hi wolfgang,
Not easy… you can’t imagine how much spam we receive in all possible forms every day. We need to ask you guys for this extra effort to keep the forum a bit cleaner…

Wolfgang replied 4 months ago

I understand that, but I just had to “resolve” NINE captchas in order to be able to login. I do not find that reasonable (I do not have a Google account and browse in permanent private mode).

As far as I know, when configuring the captchas, the difficulty level can be set by the user (i.e., you). Surely a lower level would improve convenience while still keeping most spam out. For instance, I do not have the same problem logging into the u-blox forums, which also use Google’s mechanical turks.