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ConSten asked 4 months ago
I have the simpleRTK2B – Basic Starter Kit – Without headers.  I updated the firmware to 1.32 and I loaded the Rover 10Hz configuration file.  I have all my RTK credentials for the NTRIP Client.
On my PC in u-center I can see the position accuracy estimate.  
But when I use GNSS Master on my Android device, the Lat, Long Error and Horz. Vert. Accuracy are always \”N/A\”
Same for Qfield.
What do I need to enable in u-center to populate these fields?
Staff replied 4 months ago

You need to enable the following messages in NMEA protocol:
Since you will be working at 10Hz, make sure the baudrate is high enough to don’t saturate UART communications.
ArduSimple Team

conrad stenftenagel
replied 4 months ago

Thank you. That fixed it. GNSS Master now reports both horz. and vert. estimates. And QField now reports a horiz and vert. estimate

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