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pauloxpto asked 3 months ago

Hi Guys
I am using the ardusimple simpleRTK2B (Zed F9P) in RTK base and rover configuration, with excelent results. I am a surveyor and have several times compared the results with data taken with total station and other GPSs. The Base calculates its average position, Rover receives corrections, and I comunicate only with the rover.
To keep it simple I only want to log data from the Rover, I am getting the HPPOSECEF and HPLLH messages. But I would also like to get the ECEF position of the base station only comunicating to the rover. 
I imagine it can be done undirectly with 3D calculations using rover’s HPPOSECEF and RELPOSNED, but it would make me dig into 3D matrixes.It would  be nicer to get it simpler.

clive1 replied 3 months ago

It would be in one of the RTCM3 messages. There was a debug message in the NEO-M8P that echoed the received messages, need to see if I can enable that here, but obviously if you’re transiting the RTCM3 data stream across your platform you could pull directly.

pauloxpto replied 3 months ago

Thanks Clive, I will take a look at the RTCM3