Free satellite SSR corrections for SimpleRTK2B – are they coming or not?

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsFree satellite SSR corrections for SimpleRTK2B – are they coming or not?
Ivan Goroun asked 3 weeks ago

When the uBlox F9P was launched, my understanding was that new corrections satellites were being in the process of brought into service which would give a decimeter level of coverage more or less worldwide without any subscriptions or data service needed. Is this incorrect? Are simpleRTK2B boards forever stuck with a ~1m accuracy without NTRIP or over the radio corrections from a paid subscription service and or your own base station? 
I see that the new simpleSSR package offers a 4cm accuracy with a subscription service which is included for a year:

– 1x SIM card with 1-year subscription
– 1-year subscription to SSR service

Is that a separate subscription for the SIM card and another one for the corrections service? What does it cost per year thereafter for these two? Not seeing this listed anywhere. Thank you for your help! 

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Dear Ivan,

– Until free services like in Japan are available, any centimeter level accuracy will require either a base station or a subscription.
– About simpleSSR receivers, they include the hardware, data package and correction subscription for unlimited 365 days @ 24 hours use. The price for the consecutive years we can’t define exactly yet because it will depend on how many units we are able to sell during this first year, but it will be cheaper than the sim card with 1-year subscription variant available today.

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clive1 answered 3 weeks ago

> Is this incorrect? 

Yes, I think that is an unrealistic interpretation.
You’re going to have to build out your own infrastructure, or pay to use someone else’s. Lot of costs here that need to be borne by someone.
There are things like RTK2GO, but you’re going to cover your own transport costs.
Sapcorda is a uBlox joint venture, it will be subscription based, and in initial deployment will need a “sidecar” L-Band receiver in the form of a NEO-D9S, and a host platform capable of transcoding the data into RTCM3 for delivery to the ZED-F9 

Ivan Goroun answered 2 weeks ago

I still do not understand why says the following

Ready for SSR correction services
Get worldwide coverage over the air corrections to achieve amazing centimeter level accurcay [fix this typo too] without the need of a base station

Worldwide? More like only some places as per the SimpleSSR map. Furthermore, this seriously needs to mention that a paid subscription is needed. 
“Over the air” is like radio waves, GPS, etc. It doesn’t mean a SIM card with a data plan. This needs to be clarified. 

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Dear Ivan,
Thanks for your feedback, we take the inputs and we will try to update the website to make it more clear.
SSR is not something exclusive of ArduSimple, there are plans of launch of free SSR services by governments, for example in Japan this service already exists:
Until these services are offered for free worldwide, we offer our own service at a fee. Currently it’s over internet, in the future we will launch via other channels. Step by step. Thanks for your understanding.

Ivan Goroun replied 2 weeks ago

OK, so they may be available some time down the line. Any timeline and or information about that? Thanks

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Unfortunately no confirmed dates yet.