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Mohamed Aboussikine asked 5 days ago

I have two questions concerning the ublox receiver ZED-F9P with ardusimple Board 
1/ I have two different receivers ( ZED-F9P-00B-02 and ZED-F9P-01B-01), one as a rover and the other as a base, I am trying to send back the NMEA messages of the rover to the base but the problem is that I get on the base a ununderstandable messages, is it because the types of the receivers are different ? 
2/ I tried to update the firmware of the rover and I got the following message ” the version you’re about to download does not correspond the version of the GPS receiver, I tried many times but I get the same message .. 
thank you ! 

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clive1 answered 4 days ago

The UBX and RTCM3 are binary data, they are not human-readable ASCII like NMEA sentences.
Make a better determination about exactly what is being output, and the correct baud rates.
Both these devices should take the HPG 1.13 firmware. You’re going to need to get a lot more specific about what data is coming out of the failing unit to diagnose this issue.
Generally speaking you want to remove the radio units so no noise is going into the receivers on the other interfaces, you should try using the USB connection to the ZED-F9P, ie the one a the SMA end of the board marked GPS+POWER