Firmware 1.13 for Zed-F9P – How does it work?

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amorosik asked 8 months ago

A few weeks ago a new version of the Zed-F9P firmware, 1.13, was released
Can we install it without problems?

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

yes you can install. we will update our configuration files to 1.13 shortly. If you lose RTK, just be careful if you are in a SBAS area as the position can jump from one correction source to the other a bit sudden.

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clive1 answered 8 months ago

You’ve always been able to install it, just that you might have to own the configuration scripting if you need such things.
Seen a few complaints about DOP numbers, and DGPS(SBAS) transitions.
Generally I’m happier with it, pulls more satellites, and more importantly doesn’t seem to stop outputting in multi-day/week up-time situations.
uBlox doesn’t release things they haven’t tested, their process is more rigour than many.

arwooldridge replied 8 months ago

Beware, I think some of the configurations get reset when you upgrade to this firmware.
I understand why they enabled SBAS, they also enabled QZSS. but why reset the measurement rate and message output rates? seems they reset to default 1 Hz.

arwooldridge replied 8 months ago

And baud rates changed.

clive1 replied 8 months ago

The firmware file and settings reside in contiguous sections of the same SPI NOR Flash, erase/overwrite one, lose the other. The ArduSimple implementation lacks a battery, or you could use BBR.
The settings could be bound to the firmware image, or burned permanently into the device if critical to operation.
The ROM defaults are 9600 baud on UART1/2, the F9P defaults are 38400 baud.

arwooldridge replied 8 months ago

OK makes sense now. In hindsight should save configs before updating then restore original configs.