Failure to send RTK over Xbee

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Tom asked 2 years ago

So I have an Xbee 3 Pro attached to my ArduSimple and another Xbee 3 Pro attached to a serial 
Both modems see each other
The F9P is set to transmit the RTK messages over UART2 at 9600 baud 1005 etc etc.
I see the GPS->XBee light flashing
The XBee radios are set in transparent mode … yet … 
I see nothing on the console coming in over the air.  What am I doing wrong?

1 Answers
erwin74 answered 2 years ago

I use the same configuration without problems. Maybe you should check the Xbee boards with Xbees configuration platform first ( You can transmit some test frames or make range tests with this tool to see if there is any problem with the xbee config or the xbee boards itself.
The second thing what comes up to my mind, check the GPS>XBEE, XBEE>GPS LEDs on your ardusimple board – they tells you if data is sent/received.